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Thomas Saves the Day is a PC game developed by Stunt Puppy Entertainment, Inc. and published by Atari. The game was released in 2003.


A rainstorm has caused damage all over the Island of Sodor. Unfortunately, a shipment of supplies for Mr. Jolly's Chocolate Factory may be lost! Before Thomas can help, he needs to find extra coal, retrieve missing cargo with Harold, and organize the trucks.




  • Michael Angelis is not credited in the UK version for his voice talent.
  • Harvey is missing his siderods and his buffers are black.
  • Thomas has Henry's whistle sound.
  • Whenever Thomas reverses, his wheels spin forwards.
  • Thomas tells Salty that he has several trucks, but he actually only has one.
  • Jem Cole is referred to as "Jeb Cole."
  • Percy's sandboxes are painted an abnormally dark shade of green, his buffer housings are black, and his lamp is on the wrong lamp-iron.
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