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Thomas and the Toy Workshop is a US DVD featuring six ninth season episodes narrated by Michael Brandon and two songs.


ALL ABOARD! ThomasPercy and their friends learn about the 'Spirit of Sodor' and the secret of the cliffs. Join them as they prepare for the grand opening of the Toy Workshop and find out what lies at the end of the rainbow!

Hop on board for these non-stop adventures today!


  1. Thomas and the Statue
  2. Henry and the Flagpole
  3. Bold and Brave *
  4. Thomas and the Toy Shop
  5. Percy and the Oil Painting
  6. Thomas and the Rainbow *

(* Followed by a song)


  1. Be Brave
  2. Engine Roll Call

Bonus FeaturesEdit


  • Despite the episodes being from the ninth season, the titles are not read out loud, which might have something to do with "Thomas and the Toy Shop" being named "Thomas and the Toy Workshop."
  • This is the first DVD released by Anchor Bay Entertainment to feature episodes from the New Series.


  • On the front cover, the platform of the toy factory is too far from the tracks. Also the trucks behind Thomas appear to narrow gauge trucks edited with standard gauge chassis.
  • On the back cover, "Character Cube" is called "Character Gallery. Same thing to Thomas And The Treasure."

DVD PacksEdit

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