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ALL ABOARD! When Salty tells a story about a lost pirate treasure on the Island of SodorThomas sets out to discover if it's really true! Meanwhile, Dennis, a new Diesel engine, is playing tricks, and Henry tries to prove he is the strongest engine on the Island of Sodor.


  1. Thomas and the Treasure
  2. Duncan's Bluff
  3. Skarloey the Brave
  4. Big Strong Henry
  5. Thomas' Day Off
  6. Seeing the Sights


  1. Strength
  2. Engine Rollcall

Bonus featuresEdit


  • The original release date for the Norwegian DVD was June 1st, 2011, but it was pushed forward to May 25th for unknown reasons.
  • Free "Dinosaur Train" stickers were included with the Norwegian DVD.


  • On the back cover, "Character Cube" is called "Character Gallery. Same thing to Thomas And The Toy Workshop."
  • The description on the Norwegian, Danish, Finnish and Swedish releases implies that Thomas' Day Off will be included, but it is not.
  • Michael Angelis is credited on the Norwegian, Danish, Finnish and Swedish releases in the opening.
  • On the main menu of the Norwegian, Danish, Finnish and Swedish releases, part of James' tender is seen in the background behind the skull.
  • The Norwegian back cover has the Danish logo.

DVD PacksEdit