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Tickle Me Land is the place that Dorothy sees in her head, as revealed in the song of the same name. In Tickle Me Land, "everything everywhere is furry and red"—to be exact, everything is a variation of Dorothy's owner, Elmo. Everyone laughs in Tickle Me Land—a phenomenon that anyone who's ever been tickled could understand.

In addition to Elmo, his interviewed guests can also see the happenings of a fish's mind. Fred Newman found the prospect to be cool, while a violin commented that such a feat should be exciting.

The song relays Dorothy's declaration that the listener can go to Tickle Me Land just by imagining what they can be. Indeed, Rocco proves that Dorothy is not the only one able to invoke Tickle Me Land, when he imagines Elmo as a rock in Elmo's World: Friends.

The music video for the song is comprised of elements from various episodes of Elmo's World, mixing and matching Elmo variants into a computer generated world.

Video releases

  • Elmo's World: What Makes You Happy? (bonus feature)