• Snap as Bowser Junior
  • Oink as Toad
  • Meow as Joseph
  • Woof as Cody
  • Roar as Mario
  • Baa as Rosalina
  • Growl as Jeffy
  • Grizzle as Chef Pee Pee
  • Squawk as Black Yoshi
  • Bray as Shrek
  • Croak as Woody
  • Neigh as Mr. Pig
  • Bleat as Brooklyn T. Guy
  • Buzz as Goodman
  • Cluck as Toadette
  • Moo as Emily Coleman
  • Mr. Mischief (from Mr. Men and Little Miss) as Bully Bill
  • Mr. Grumble (from Mr. Men and Little Miss) as The Loan Dolphin
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