Tinsel on the Tracks is a US DVD featuring five episodes from the twentieth season.


Unwrap Christmas cheer with Thomas & Friends. Percydelivers Santa's Christmas letters while Marion discovers a talking Christmas tree! Glynn the coffeepot engine gets restored for the holidays and races against StephenAnnie and Clarabel learn that two wrongs don't make a right, while Donald and Douglas have double trouble. Have a holly, jolly Christmas with Thomas and his friends!


  1. Letters to Santa
  2. The Christmas Coffeepot
  3. The Railcar and the Coaches
  4. Over the Hill
  5. Love Me Tender

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  • Steve D'Angelo and Terry Tompkins are credited for rearranging the theme song, but the new version of the theme song is not featured on the DVD (the Season 13-18 intro is used).
  • The Railcar and the Coaches is misnamed "The Railcar and Coaches" in the episode selection menu.



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