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Tom and Jerry: The Fast and the Furry is a direct-to-video Tom and Jerry movie produced by Warner Bros. Animation. The title should not be confused with a Road Runner cartoon short also produced by Warner Bros. Animation, Fast and Furry-ous from 1949. Hacienda Post provided Post Production Sound Services: Timothy J. Borquez Tom Syslo supervised the sound; Monette Holderer did foley; Jeff Hutchins and Rick Hromadkda were 2 of 9 sound editors.

According to sound editor Jeff Hutchins, his main task "was Tom’s car. I used some classic fx like the Popeye Rope Bridge when Tom’s car was on one and some of my own recordings of my ‘96 Camero misfiring & sputtering. There was some Jalopy in there, a Model T and a washing machine.[1]  ==Contents== [hide]#Storyline

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