• Ella as Peppa Pig
  • Cody as George Pig
  • Samey as Mummy Pig
  • Rodney as Daddy Pig
  • Harold as Grandpa Pig
  • Leshawna as Granny Pig
  • Alejandro as Uncle Pig
  • Heather as Auntie Pig
  • Lindsay as Chloe Pig
  • Cameron as Alexander Pig
  • Sugar as Aunt Dottie Pig
  • Sierra as Rebecca Rabbit
  • Dave as Richard Rabbit
  • Beth as Rosie Rabbit
  • Tyler as Robbie Rabbit
  • Bridgette as Suzy Sheep
  • Izzy as Candy Cat
  • Mike as Danny Dog
  • DJ as Pedro Pony
  • Jasmine as Zoe Zebra
  • Dawn and Zoey as Zuzu and Zaza Zebra
  • Gwen as Emily Elephant
  • Trent as Edmond Elephant
  • Noah as Freddy Fox
  • and more
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