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*Woody as Lucy
*Buzz Lightyear as Molly
*Jessie as Nelson
[[File:Hatsune Miku - Negi Cosmo|thumb|right|335 px]]
*Andy as Georgina
*Molly as Doris
*Hamm as Rosie
*Mrs. Potato Head as Ronald
*Andy's Mom as Zed
*Hannah as Toby
[[Category:Toy Story Parodies]]
[[Category:64 Zoo Lane Parodies]]

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  • Woody as Lucy
  • Buzz Lightyear as Molly
  • Jessie as Nelson
  • Andy as Georgina
  • Molly as Doris
  • Hamm as Rosie
  • Mrs. Potato Head as Ronald
  • Andy's Mom as Zed
  • Hannah as Toby
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