Cast Edit

  • Rex as Angry Grandpa
  • Woody as Michael
  • Andy's Mom as Grandma
  • Jessie as Annie The Female
  • Mr. Potato Head as Billy Richards
  • Mrs. Potato Head as Kira Richards
  • Molly as Baby Jamie
  • Slinky Dog as Arnold
  • Bonnie's Mom as Arnold's Mom
  • Koñishi as El Martin
  • Sarge's Soldiers as Fly
  • Flik as Butler Judge
  • Heimlich as Tim Philip Dyke
  • Hamm as Police Officer
  • Buzz Lightyear as Mr. Judge
  • Sid as Pizza Man
  • The Little Green Men as Annie's Twins
  • Troll Doll and Rocky Gibraltar as Jimmy and Annie Richards
  • Lenny as Astronaut Man
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