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TrackMaster is a battery-operated toy system manufactured by Fisher-Price, Mattel in the US. The range was launched in 2007 after previous owners, TOMY, lost their licence to HiT Toy Company to make the Motor Road and Rail range. However, TOMY did not sell the range in the UK up until 2010. In 2010, Fisher Price picked up HiT Toys' license. The engines run on special plastic train tracks and until 2010, the roadway vehicles ran on a special grey road. In 2014, the range was redesigned. Engines are faster and run on new grey track. There are special track adapters to connect the new-style track to the old-style track. The engines can also climb up steeper inclines but can no longer free-wheel. Following the discontinuation of Adventures in late 2018, the die-cast range was modified with wheels and couplers made for TrackMaster. The line was later reworked into a Super Station-type line, with multiple instances of the universal crossing track and many furture products having mounting points for Minis. In 2020, the range will be rebranded under the name Motorized.


Model Original Release Year Item Number Notes
Thomas 2007 Reissued in 2014
Edward 2007 Reissued in 2014
Henry 2007 Reissued in 2014
Gordon 2007 BML09 Reissued in 2014
James 2007 BML08 Reissued in 2014
Percy 2007 Reissued in 2014
Toby 2007 Reissued in 2015
Duck 2007 Reissued in 2011
Donald 2007 Reissued in 2013
Douglas 2007 Reissued in 2012
Diesel 2007 Reissued in 2014
Mavis 2007
BoCo 2007 Reissued in 2011
Bill 2007
Ben 2007
Stepney 2007
Lady 2007
Diesel 10 2007 Reissued in 2014
Salty 2007 Reissued in 2017
Harvey 2007 Reissued in 2018
Arthur 2007
Murdoch 2007
Spencer 2007 Reissued in 2014
Emily 2007 CDB69 Reissued in 2014
Molly 2007
Neville 2007
Dennis 2007
Rosie 2007
Skarloey 2007
Sir Handel 2007 Reissued in 2011
Rusty 2007
Duncan 2007
Fearless Freddie 2007 Reissued in 2015
Oliver 2008 UK exclusive
Splatter 2008
Dodge 2008
Whiff 2008
Billy 2008
Stanley 2008
Hank 2008 Reissued in 2013
Flora 2008
Mighty Mac 2008
Proteus 2008
Iron 'Arry 2009 Reissued in 2011
Iron Bert 2009
Hiro 2009 Reissued in 2014
Victor 2009 Reissued in 2014
Rheneas 2009
Peter Sam 2009
Duke 2009 Reissued in 2011
Bertram 2009
Charlie 2010 Reissued in 2014
Bash 2010
Dash 2010
Scruff 2010 Reissued in 2015
Ferdinand 2011
Belle 2011
Dart 2011
Den 2011
Paxton 2012
Luke 2012
Stafford 2012
Stephen 2013 Reissued in 2018
Caitlin 2013
Connor 2013
Porter 2013
Gator 2014
Timothy 2014
Samson 2015
Glynn 2015
Ryan 2015
Mike 2015
Philip 2016
Flying Scotsman 2016
Etienne 2017
Hugo 2017
Merlin 2017
Hurricane 2017
Yong Bao 2018
Lexi 2018
Nia 2018 FXX47
Ashima 2019
Gina 2019
Rebecca 2019 FXX57, BMK86, BMK93, FTF31
Lorenzo 2019
Raul 2019
Gustavo 2019
Shane 2020

Rolling Stock

Model Original Release Year Item Number Notes
Annie and Clarabel 2007 Available with Thomas and in the Carriages and Coaches Pack; reissued in 2016 and in 2020
Henrietta 2007 Available with Toby and in the Carriages and Coaches Pack
S.C. Ruffey 2007 Available with Duck and in the S.C.Ruffey and Trucks Pack
Toad 2007 Available with Duck and Toad with Trucks Pack
Rocky 2007
The Breakdown Train 2007 Available with Mavis
Troublesome Trucks 2007 Available with various engines and packs
Hector 2008 Available in a pack with Thomas
Jerome 2017 Available with Ryan
Beppe 2019 Available with Lorenzo


Model Original Release Year Item Number Notes
Bertie 2007 Sold with Phone Box
Bulgy 2007 Painted in his “Green Livery” from Bulgy Rides Again; sold with newstand
Elizabeth 2007 Sold with warning sign
Terence 2008 Sold with animal fencing
Caroline 2008 Sold with Phone Box
Madge 2008
Kevin 2009 Reissued in 2019
Jack 2009 Had both motorised and un-motorised versions
Alfie 2009 Canada Exclusive
Ned 2009 Sold with crates
Nelson 2009 Had both normal and snow-covered versions
Buster 2009 Had both normal and snow-covered versions
Patrick 2009 Had both normal and snow-covered versions
Oliver 2009 Had both normal and snow-covered versions
Kelly 2009 Had both normal and snow-covered versions
Byron 2009 Had both normal and snow-covered versions
Max 2010 Had both normal and snow-covered versions
Monty 2010
Flynn 2011 Reissued in 2015
Skiff 2015 Available in both his original and new liveries; his original one was from the Treasure Chase Set, while the new one is available with Hugo
Ace 2018
Darcy 2019 Available in the Cave Collapse Set
Emerson 2019 Available with Raul
Press'N'Spin Harold 2019 Largest version and can carry engines.

Remote Controlled Engines

Model Original Release Year Item Number Notes
Thomas with Mail Coach and Ice Van 2008
Tired-Faced Percy with Blue Coach and Brakevan 2008
James with Fuel Tanker 2008
Stanley with Stone Troublesome Trucks 2008
Molly 2009
Hiro 2009
Victor with Truck 2009 Reissued in 2009
3 Speed Thomas 2011
3 Speed James 2011
3 Speed Spencer 2011
3 Speed Gordon 2011
Thomas with Truck 2012
Percy with Truck 2012
Diesel with Truck 2012
Diesel 10 with Truck 2012
Thomas 2015
Percy 2015
Luke 2016

Talking Engines

Model Original Release Year Item Number Notes
Thomas with Green Truck, Jam Boxes and Rocks 2009
James with tender, paint cans and spare parts 2009
Lost and found Hiro with tender, parts and Sodor Steamworks sign 2009
Thomas with stone truck 2010 Reissued in 2015
Gordon 2010
James 2010
Percy with red coal truck 2010 Reissued in 2015
Henry 2011
Diesel with oil truck 2011
Salty with blue truck 2011
Flynn with water tank 2011
Flashback Victor with blue truck 2011 Based on Blue Mountain Mystery
Spencer 2012
Edward 2013
Toby with red van 2013
James 2015
Diesel with blue van 2016

Hyper Glow Engines



  • Kevin

Celebration and Storybook


  • Thomas
  • Percy
  • Nia
  • James

Turbo Engines


  • Turbo Thomas Pack
  • Turbo Percy Pack
  • Turbo Diesel Pack


  • Turbo James Pack

Greatest Moments Packs

Model Original Release Year Item Number Notes
Skarloey Storms Through 2008
Sir Handel in Charge 2008
Duncan Does it All 2008
Thomas and the Jet Engine 2008 Reissued in 2016
James as a Busy Bee 2008 Reissued in 2016
Percy's Chocolate Crunch 2009 Reissued in 2016
Freddie in "Ding-A-Ling" 2009
Rheneas and the Dinosaur 2009
Thomas Makes a Mess 2009
Duncan in "Runaway Elephant" 2009
Duck in "A Close Shave" 2009 Reissued in 2013
James Goes Buzz Buzz 2009
Hiro Good as New 2009 Based on Hero of the Rails
Victor at the Steamworks 2009 Based on Hero of the Rails
Helping Hook Kevin 2009
Thomas in "Slippy Sodor" 2010
Emily in "Splish, Splash, Splosh!" 2010
Charlie in "Play Time" 2010
Bash the Logging Loco 2010 Based on Misty Island Rescue
Dash the Logging Loco 2010 Based on Misty Island Rescue
Percy and the Search Cars 2010
Ferdinand the Logging Loco 2011
Scruff the Scruncher 2011 Based on Thomas and Scruff
Coal Moustache Spencer in "Steamy Sodor" 2011
Oil and Trouble Dart 2011 Based on Day of the Diesels
Diesel 10 Takes Charge 2011 Based on Day of the Diesels
Den at the Dieselworks 2011 Based on Day of the Diesels
Brave Belle 2011 Based on Day of the Diesels
Fiery Flynn 2011 Based on Day of the Diesels
O’ the Indignity Gordon 2012
Skarloey's Puppet Show 2012
Up, Up and Away Percy 2012
Hideaway Luke 2012 Based on Blue Mountain Mystery
Paxton in Trouble 2012 Based on Blue Mountain Mystery
Rheneas' New Coat of Paint 2012 Also known as Rheneas' Bright New Colours
Stafford 2013
Salty's Green Coat Of Paint 2013
Thomas with Annie and Clarabel 2013
Connor's Race to the Castle 2013 Based on King of the Railway
Caitlin's Passenger Express 2013 Based on King of the Railway
Stephen "The Rocket" 2013 Based on King of the Railway
Porter 2013
Muddy Ferdinand 2013 Based on Gordon and Ferdinand
Scared James 2014 Based on Tale of the Brave
Timothy 2014 Based on Tale of the Brave
Gator 2014 Based on Tale of the Brave
Marion 2014 Based on Tale of the Brave; cancelled before release
Flynn 2015
Scruff 2015
Samson 2015 Based on Marion and the Dinosaurs
The Original Thomas 2015
Glynn 2015 Based around The Adventure Begins
Ryan 2015 Based on Sodor’s Legend of the Lost Treasure
Mike 2015 Based on Sodor’s Legend of the Lost Treasure
Treasure Thomas 2015
Philip 2016
Blue Team Thomas 2016
Royal Spencer 2016
Flying Scotsman 2016 Based on The Great Race
Trophy Thomas 2016 Based on The Great Race
Shooting Star Gordon 2016 Based on The Great Race
Glow-in-the Dark Thomas 2016
Glow-in-the-Dark Edward 2016
Winged Thomas 2017
Hugo and Skiff 2017
Ryan and Jerome 2017
Steelworks Hurricane 2017 Based on Journey Beyond Sodor
Merlin the Invisible 2017 Based on Journey Beyond Sodor
Steelworks Thomas 2017 Based on Journey Beyond Sodor
Glow in the Dark Diesel 2017
Helpful Harvey 2018
Lexi 2018
Runaway Stephen 2018
Yong Bao the Hero 2018
Nia and the Elephant 2018
Thomas and Ace the Racer 2018 Based on Big World! Big Adventures!
Animal Party Percy 2019
Rebecca 2019 Based on What Rebecca Does
Monkey Mania Thomas 2019 Based on Thomas and the Monkey Palace
Armored Thomas 2019
Lorenzo and Beppe 2019
Gina 2019
Raul and Emerson 2019
Gustavo and Avocado 2019
Golden Thomas 2019


Model Original Release Year Item Number Notes
Thomas' Big Haul 2010 Reissued in 2016
Thomas' Egg Express 2010
Gordon to the Rescue 2010
James' Search and Rescue 2010
Diesel Helps Out 2010
Rocky to the Rescue 2010
Glow in the Dark Ghostly Percy with lime loaded slate truck and blue van 2010
Glow in the Dark Diesel and the Troublesome Trucks 2010
Springtime Surprise Thomas 2010
Springtime Surprise Toby 2010
Springtime Surprise Rosie 2010
Thomas' Big Holiday Haul 2011 Kohl exclusive
Glow in the Dark Salty's Sodor Zoo Night Exhibit 2011
Glow in the Dark Mavis' Late Night Track Repair 2011
Toby's Electric Co. Delivery 2012
Duck's Power Line Repair 2012
Snow Clearing Hiro 2012
Snow Clearing Henry 2012
Light-Up Thomas 2013
Light-Up Percy 2013
Snow Clearing Emily 2013
Snow Clearing James 2013
Essential Engines Gift Pack 2014 Features Exclusive Thomas, Percy, James, Gordon and Diesel
Snowy Spencer 2014
Snowy Gordon 2014
Muddy Spencer 2015
Muddy Gordon 2015
Search and Rescue Thomas 2015
Search and Rescue Diesel 2015
Real Steam Thomas 2015
Real Steam Percy 2015
Real Steam James 2017

Deluxe Engines


  • Thomas in a Jam!
  • Toby and the Clown Car
  • Salty's Fish Delivery


  • Thomas and the Stinky Cheese
  • Mavis' Rocky Delivery
  • Peter Sam's Blue Mountain Supplies



  • Sodor Airport
  • Echo Cave
  • Sodor Engine Wash
  • Cranky
  • Build-a-bridge


  • Sodor Mountain Mine
  • Harold at the Hangar
  • Jeremy at the Hangar
  • Farmer McColl's Hay loader
  • Knapford


  • Sodor Museum
  • Maron Water Tower
  • Sodor Carnival Ferris Wheel
  • Toby's Windmill


  • Rattle and Shake Coal Hopper
  • Raise and Lower Drawbridge
  • Sodor Search and Rescue Searchlight
  • Bust-Through Mine Tunnel

Track Packs


  • Motor Road and Rail/TrackMaster track adapters
  • Track Expansion Pack 
  • Pack of Track
  • Sodor Roadway Expansion Pack
  • Build a Bridge Set


  • Y-Track Pack
  • Straight and Curved Track Pack
  • Switch Track Pack
  • Bridge Track Pack


  • Deluxe Expansion Track Pack
  • Mountain of Track
  • Misty Island Track Pack
  • Elevation Track Pack


  • Cross Switch and Stack Track Pack
  • Glow in the Dark Ten Piece Track Pack


  • Sodor Sounds Track Pack 
  • Icy Overpass Track Pack
  • Flexi-Track


  • Deluxe Spiral Track Pack
  • Ultimate Track Pack
  • Junction Journey Track Pack


  • Gordon's Hill Expansion Pack 
  • Sodor Spiral Expansion Pack 
  • Tunnel Expansion Pack 
  • Maron Bridge Expansion Pack 
  • Ice and Snow Expansion Pack 
  • Raceway Expansion Pack


  • Muddy Mayhem Expansion Pack 
  • Criss-Cross Junction Expansion Pack
  • Hazard Tracks Expansion Pack
  • Whispering Woods Expansion Pack
  • Switch, Stop and Signal Expansion Pack
  • Dynamite Delivery Accessory Pack
  • Lava Falls Expansion Pack
  • Railway Builder Bucket


  • Harold's Helipad
  • Captain at the Rescue Centre
  • Over-Under Tidmouth Bridge
  • Steamworks Repair Station
  • Switches and Turnouts Track Pack
  • Turntable Expansion Pack
  • Curved Track Pack
  • Straight Track Pack
  • Glow-in-the-Dark Track Pack
  • Brave Bridge Collapse
  • Fill-Up Pit Stop


  • Switchback Swamp
  • Head-to-Head Crossing
  • Fill-Up Firehouse


  • Blue Mountain Track Bucket
  • Hyper Glow Track Bucket

Trucks and Tracks Packs

Model Original Release Year Item Number Notes
Toad and trucks 2007 Features Mail coach, green boxcar and Toad
S.C. Ruffey and trucks 2007 Features Milk tanker, fruit van and S.C. Ruffey
Mixed Freight Cars 2007 Features Sodor Mining Co. Hopper truck, ice cream van and blue Brakevan
Sodor Power Plant Trucks 2007 Features Blue and white truck, brakevan and bolster wagon with wireloads
Carriages and Coaches 2007 Features Annie, Clarabel and Henrietta
Mr. Jolly's Chocolate Factory 2007 Features Chocolate syrup tanker, Sodor Milk Co. truck with churns and chocolate factory boxcar
Sodor Ice Cream Factory 2007 Features Sodor Ice Cream Van, Raspberry Syrup Tanker and Green Chocolate Factory Truck
Carnival Fun 2009 Features Ring-a-bottle truck, elephant truck and fireworks van
Rosie's Fun Fair Special 2009 Features Clown flat bed, tea room and carnival van
Farmer McColl's Farm 2009 Features chicken van, cattle truck and sheep truck
Mail Trucks 2009 Features Green mail coach, red mail coach and blue plant wagon
Flat Bed with Sail Boat 2009 Based on Thomas Sets Sail; cancelled before release
Quarry Cars 2010 Features The Rock Crusher, green salt van and blue Sodor Mining Co. hopper
Farm and Dairy Cars 2010 Features red truck with hay, blue slate truck with milk churns and grey flat bed with fruit
Sodor Building Co. 2010 Features Brick truck, slate truck and steel beams truck
Smelter's Yard Cars 2010 Features Green log car, red flatbed and smelter car
Sodor Search and Rescue Cars 2010 Features Tanker, search light and coal hopper
Station Repair Cars 2010 Features Green coach, red truck and blue truck
Express Coaches 2010 Although stated to be express coaches, they were really two narrow gauge coaches and a brakevan
Sodor Fireworks Co. 2010 Features Goods van, slate truck with containers and fireworks truck
Sodor Candy Co. Cars 2011 Features Orange Truck with sugar cargo, Sodor Candy Co. jelly bean van and Peppermint Syrup Tanker
Dieselworks Delivery 2011 Features Grey flatbed with Diesel engine, Diesel fuel tanker and green Dieselworks van

See-Inside Cars


  • Mail cars
  • Livestock cars
  • Passenger cars
  • Sodor Horse Show
  • Ice Cream Express

Cargo and Cars packs


  • Brendam Shipping Co. cars
  • Spaghetti and Meatballs Delivery


  • Blue Mountain Quarry Blast
  • Build a Signal
  • Troublesome Trucks


  • Sodor Lumber Delivery
  • Castle Cargo Delivery
  • Royal Castle Gates Delivery
  • Brendam Bay Cargo Delivery


  • Rail Repair
  • Dockside Delivery Crane


Model Original Release Year Item Number Notes
R/C Thomas at Tidmouth Sheds 2007 Semi-remade into the Thomas at Tidmouth Sheds set in 2011
Hard at Work at Brendam Docks 2007
Thomas at the Station 2007
Sodor Lumber Yard 2007
James at BoulderMountain 2007
Toby at the Copper Mine 2007
Thomas at the Coal Station 2007
Thomas' Sodor Adventure 2007
Percy at the Ice Cream Factory 2007 Cancelled before release
Thomas and Jeremy at Sodor Airport 2007
Thomas and Emily at Knapford Station 2007
Bertie Roadway set 2008
Elizabeth Roadway set 2008
Bulgy Roadway Set 2008
Duck at McColl's Farm 2008
Thomas at Action Canyon 2008 Based on The Great Discovery; also known as Thomas at Tumblin' Bridge
Thomas at Morgan's Mine 2008 Based on The Great Discovery
James Works it OutSet 2008
Thomas at Echo Cave 2008
Knapford Station Celebration (set 2009
Sodor Friends Road and Rail Set 2009
Thomas' Busy Day 2009
Percy's Day at the Farm 2009
Colin in "The Party Surprise" 2009
Nelson at the Quarry 2009
Topped Off Thomas 2009 Also known as Thomas Round the Tracks Adventure Set
Spin and Fix Thomas 2009
Thomas Track Set 2009
Percy Track Set 2009
James Track Set 2009
Gordon Track Set 2009
Thomas at Boulder Mountain 2009
Thomas Starter Set 2009 Also known as Thomas Starter Pack
Thomas at the Lighthouse 2009
Holiday Time in Sodor 2009 Also known as Holiday Delivery Thomas
Thomas on the Go Set 2009
Thomas at Elsbridge Station 2009
Super Sodor Adventure Set 2009
Arthur at Copper Mine 2009
James Classic Figure 8 Playset 2009
Thomas' Wild Ride 2009
Rosie at the Water Tower 2009
Zip, Zoom and Logging Adventure Playset 2010
Shake Shake Bridge 2010
Misty Island Deluxe Set 2010 Combination of the Zip, Zoom and Logging Adventure and Shake Shake Bridge sets
Misty Island Discovery 2010 Partly features the Shake Shake Bridge set
Harold to the Rescue 2010
Springtime Adventure Set 2010
Thomas' Midnight Ride 2010
Captain and Salty's sea rescue 2010
Busy Day on Sodor 2010
Deluxe Sodor Adventure Set 2011
Thomas' Christmas Delivery 2011
Cranky and Flynn Save the Day! 2011 Expanded on in the Cranky and Flynn Save the Day Deluxe Set
Thomas' Chocolate Delivery 2011
Thomas at the Abandoned Mine 2011
Thomas at the Airport 2011
Stormy Night in Sodor 2011
Thomas' Snow Storm Adventure 2011
Talking Thomas' Bridge Crossing 2011
Talking James at the Farm 2011
Talking James and the Searchlight 2011
Dash at the Zip-Line Bridge 2011
Toby and the Whistling Woods Set 2011
Thomas' Branch Line Starter Set 2011 Also known as Thomas Rides the Rails Starter Set
Runaway Boulder 2011
Percy's Mail Express 2011
Christmas Delivery on Sodor 2012
Talking Thomas' Bust Through Mine Tunnel 2012
Power Line Collapse 2012 Also known as Thomas Lights out on Sodor
Brendam Fishing Co. 2012
Risky Rails Bridge Drop 2012 Also known as Thomas' Daring Drop
Blue Mountain Gravel Delivery 2012
Reptile Park Set 2013
Carnival Delivery Set 2013
Thomas' Castle Quest Set 2013 UK exclusive
Castle Quest Set 2013 US exclusive
Wild Whirling Ol' Wheezy Set 2013
Fiery Flynn's Rescue Set 2013
Pump and Fill Oil Works Set 2013
Emergency Searchlight Set 2013
Bustling Railway Set 2013
Icy Rails Adventure Set 2013
Icy Boulder Chase Set 2013
5-in-1 Great Railway Set 2013
Cranky's Spinning Cargo Drop 2013
Windmill Starter Set 2013
Maron Station Starter Set 2013
Sodor Post Connect-A-Set 2013
Callan Station Connect-A-Set 2013
Lower TidmouthConnect-A-Set 2013
Deluxe Signal Starter Set 2013
Avalanche Escape Set 2014 Also known as Thomas' Avalanche Escape Set; based on Tale of the Brave
Deluxe Avalanche Escape Set 2014 Combination of the Avalanche Escape Set and the Troublesome Traps Set; based on Tale of the Brave
Sort and Switch Delivery Set 2014
Deluxe Sort and Switch Delivery Set 2014 Made from the Sort and Switch Delivery Set, the Tunnel Expansion Pack and the Maron Bridge Expansion Pack
Troublesome Traps Set 2014
Mudslide Mountain Set 2014
Snowy Mountain Rescue Set 2014
Thomas and Track Set 2014
Water Tower Starter Set 2014
Busy Quarry Set 2014
Mad Dash on Sodor Set 2014
5-in-1 Track Builder Set 2014
2-in-1 Track Builder Set 2015
Breakaway Bridge Set 2015
Holiday Cargo Delivery Set 2015
Thomas' Dockside Delivery 2015
Treasure Chase Set 2015
Thomas' Shipwreck Rails Set 2015 Based on Sodor's Legend of the Lost Treasure
Harold’s High-Flying Rescue Set 2015
3-in-1 Track Builder Set 2015
Thomas’ Volcano Drop Set 2015
Station Starter Set 2016
Close Call Cliff Set 2016
Sky-High Bridge Jump 2016 Based on The Great Race
Railway Race Set 2016
Percy's Midnight Mail Delivery 2016
Icy Mountain Drift 2017
Demolition at the Docks 2017
2-in-1 Destination Set 2017
Super Station Set 2017
Cable Bridge Set 2017 Based on Journey Beyond Sodor
Daring Derail Train Set 2017
Glowing Mine Set 2017
Fiery Rescue Set 2017
Tunnel Blast Set 2018
Twisting Tornado Set 2018
Dino Escape Set 2018
6-in-1 Track Builder Set 2018
Boat and Sea Set 2018
Turbo Jungle Jump 2018
Hyper Glow Station 2018
Monkey Palace Set 2019 Based around Thomas and the Monkey Palace
Water Tower Set 2019
Dragon Dive Set 2019
Cave Collapse Set 2019
Super Cruiser Set 2019
Deluxe Dino Escape Set 2019
Hyper Glow Night Delivery 2019
Cassia Crane & Cargo Set 2020
3-in-1 Package Pickup Set 2020


  • Whiff and Madge are missing their eyebrows.
  • Isobella and Brenda are the only members of the Sodor Construction Company not to have a TrackMaster model.
  • Alfie's model was only released in Canada.
  • Monty's model was unnoficially released in Poland stores and has become exceptionally rare, however some models have been found in other countries such as the UK.
  • Flip-face models of Gordon and Percy were seen on the back of some 2007 boxes, but were never released.
  • The Slippy Sodor Thomas' funnel is simply a regular funnel painted red.
  • Since 2010, the buffers in some sets have been depicted as a brick wall.
  • TrackMaster track was used twice to break the world record for the longest toy train set. The first was at the Thomas Land Theme Park in the UK in 2008 and later at The Workshops Rail Museum in Australia in 2010.
  • Some of the newer tender engines have their battery compartments as part of their motors, contained within the engine boiler so as to avoid having a wire that could break between the two parts of the engine. As of 2014, this change has been made to every engine as they all use the same chassis.
  • Since 2012, the engines have had holes in their wheels so that they can be held into the packaging by plastic sticks for security purposes. As of 2015, they still have these holes, but the sticks were only utilized with the first redesigned Greatest Moments packs.
  • Nelson's alloys and front beam are black instead of red.
  • Harvey and Mighty Mac are unpowered. A powered coach (a works unit coach for Harvey and a cream and green coach for Mighty Mac) is used to push them. This is because Harvey's crane takes up too much space to house a battery, as does Mighty Mac's end-swapping function. These engines and their respective coaches have special couplers to make them easier to push.
  • Stephen's prototype showed him with two lamps and a smoother bufferbeam.
  • Connor and Caitlin's coaches are closed vans with stickers on the sides.
  • Bash and Dash's prototypes show moss on their cabs.
  • Hank, Belle, Timothy, Splatter, Dodge, Paxton, Diesel, Murdoch, Den, 'Arry, Bert, Skarloey, Rheneas, Peter Sam, Duke, Bertram and Freddie's side-rods do not move and Molly and Mighty Mac lack them completely.
  • The truck in the Castle Quest set does not have a rear coupler and is abnormally tall.
  • Bash's prototype has a Skarloey Railway blue coach and a brown truck.
  • Dart's prototype has grey wheels but was later changed to the correct colour in the final model.
  • In 2014, the engines were redesigned, with a new, less powerful (but faster) motor, a longer wheelbase, unpainted buffers, silver siderods and couplers, printed details and interchangeable chassis.
  • As all 2014 models use the same chassis.
  • Edward's 2014 model's pilot wheels are moulded into his running board and the prototype of the model shows them unpainted. The wheels were coloured for the final release.
  • Samson's model lacks his number. This is fixed in his single pack re-release.
  • As of 2015, the talking engines now have separate cars/trucks or tenders.
  • The UK release of the Avalanche Escape set is missing a few risers, a burst-through door, the truck, the fossil and the Scrap Monster. As a result, the track configuration is different.
  • Timothy's dome is red instead of blue.
  • A number of individual copies of Gator's model are only painted the lighter shade of green, while most Gator models are accurately painted two-tone green.
  • The Muddy Gordon and Spencer are recolours of Snowy Gordon and Spencer.
  • Ryan's prototypes show him with the correct purple wheels, but his final design shows him with black wheels for an unknown reason. This was later fixed on the muddy Ryan model.
  • Philip has a an early CGI promo on his box.
  • The Flying Scotsman has oval buffers like Gordon when they should be circle shaped.
  • An edited image of Jeremy's model was used in the twentieth series episode Letters to Santa.
  • In the Winged Thomas set, Annie and Clarabel are painted blue, similarly to the way they appeared in Thomas' dream sequence in the Streamlining scene from The Great Race, except they are wearing goggles.
  • Hugo's motor also powers a gear which makes his propeller spin when he runs.
  • In the Treasure Chase Set, the sign for Arlesburgh is misspelled as "Arlesburg".
  • Merlin's model is chrome.
  • Ashima's hyper glow model incorrectly depicts her as a 0-4-0 than a 0-8-2. Her standard model also has uncolored middle wheels.
  • Etienne's prototype shows him with siderods. This error is also present on Raul and Gustavo, who feature them on their final models.
  • Gina's model has six wheels while her other models have only four. The prototype of her single pack model also has golden siderods.
  • Many post-2014 models lack bogie wheels or cylinders, and Rebecca's buffers were inaccurately sized. She also lacks a front coupling detail.
  • Emily's middle wheel is moulded onto her body.
  • Lexi is inaccurately a 0-4-0 than a 4-4-0.
  • Darcy's model is based on a boring machine, while her actual design is based on a roadheader.
  • Lorenzo's tender is backwards and the stripe is placed in the wrong spot. Lorenzo also has additional treble clef details on his cab not present on on his animation model.
  • Beppe's model is oriented the wrong way, and his tail lamp is absent.
  • Raul is longer and squatter than his actual length onscreen and has yellow wheels. Likewise, Gustavo and Emerson are also smaller in size. Gustavo has buffers, his wheels are black instead of blue and he lacks his pantographs and Emerson's wings are collapsible. Both engines have siderods, which they lack onscreen.
  • Since 2018, the quality on the TrackMaster models have been notably downgraded, with poorer printing, often sold in the wrong packaging, and roughly edged plastic.
  • To coinicide with the premiere of Big World! Big Adventures!, the range offered three value packs featuring products from the 2018 wave and the Turbo Speed and Hyper Glow themes.