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Ultimate Christmas is a US DVD release. It features two first season episodes, one second season episode, one third season episode and one fourth season episode narrated by George Carlin and one fifth season episode and three sixth season episodes narrated by Alec Baldwin and two songs.



    1. 2007/2009/2014
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Thomas and his friends would like to wish all of you a very Merry Christmas. In this special collection of seasonal favorites, you'll experience first hand the joy and magic the holiday season brings to the Island of Sodor. See if Percy's snow-covered face tricks James and the rest of the engines into thinking they have seen the very scary Jack Frost. Cheer on Thomas, Harold, Percy and Terence as they shovel out stranded villagers just in time for Christmas. Happy Holidays!!!


  1. Snow
  2. Thomas' Christmas Party
  3. Thomas and the Missing Christmas Tree
  4. Terence the Tractor
  5. Thomas and Percy's Mountain Adventure
  6. Special Funnel
  7. It's Only Snow
  8. Jack Frost
  9. Toby Had a Little Lamb


  1. Winter Wonderland
  2. The Snow Song

Bonus FeaturesEdit


  • This DVD is a combination of Thomas' Christmas Wonderland and Thomas' Snowy Surprise as they have the same episodes, songs and bonus features. Because of this the title card from Thomas' Christmas Wonderland is used.
  • This was the last US DVD to feature the nameboard sequences, as well as the last to use the 2003 Anchor Bay Entertainment logo.
  • It was also Anchor Bay's last Thomas DVD to feature any interactive games.
  • The trailer uses the Starz Home Entertainment logo while the actual release has the Anchor Bay Entertainment logo


  • Writers Christopher AwdryJenny McDade and Paul Larson are not listed in the credits.
  • Thomas and Percy's Mountain Adventure is out of sync. It uses footage from the original UK episode with the correct music and sound, though George Carlin's voiceover remains untouched. This version is also used in Thomas' Christmas Wonderland and other Thomas Adventures.
  • Like Thomas' Christmas Wonderland and other Thomas Adventures, the description says that Thomas, Percy and Terence shovelled out villagers just in time for Christmas, but in the US version of the episode that it is referring to, it was Thanksgiving and not Christmas.

DVD PacksEdit


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