Version 1 (by Princess Dynasti)[edit]Edit

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  • Princess Unikitty as Emily
  • Prince Puppycorn as Thomas
  • Dr. Fox as Rosie
  • Hawkodile as Gordon
  • Richard as Percy
  • Master Frown as Diesel
  • Brock as Diesel 10
  • Craig as Lady
  • Dino Dude as James
  • FeeBee as Mavis
  • Eaglator as Spencer
  • Pet Pet as Duck
  • Score Creeper as Bulgy
  • Ryott as Edward
  • M'Ladybug as Molly
  • Diane as Belle
  • Driving Girl Citizen as Millie
  • Really Old Edith as Caroline
  • Brennan Gerry as Luke
  • Kickflip as Isobella
  • Batty as Caitlin
  • Stocko as Rebecca
  • Old Timey Mustache Man as Toby
  • Q.T. as Nia
  • Puppycorn Aliens as Donald and Douglas
  • Theodore as Oliver
  • Toaster as Henry
  • Cookie Guy as Skarloey
  • Trevor as Peter Sam
  • Gizmo as Sir Handel
  • Beau as Stanley
  • Glandrea as Ashima
  • Stellacopter as Carly
  • Bim-Bom as Lexi
  • Rascal as Rheneas
  • Brennan Gerry as Rusty
  • Connected Citizens as Arry and Bert
  • Burger Person as Salty
  • Master Doom as Daisy
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