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Hi! I'm ThomasLoveFans101. I am fiftheen year old. I always enjoy this wiki all the time for Video Games, Books, VHS/DVD Releases (including Thomas and Friends), and more.

My thoughts on this wiki

My very first article that I have created was Ooh, Aah and You Website. I always take pictures on my Dad's tablet on my Sesame Street Wii games. I always go to DeSmuME to take some screenshots of the DS Games. I enjoyed taking screenshots of Madagascar (DS), Madagascar Escape 2 Africa (DS), Elmo's A-to-Zoo Adventure The VideoGame, Cookie's Counting Carnival The VideoGame, Ready, Set, Grover! The VideoGame, and Elmo's Musical Monsterpiece The VideoGame. Sometimes, I take pictures on Dad's computer on his portable DVD player.

My Prank Opening/Songs Sunny Day Chuggingtion Shimmer and Shine Nella the Princess Knight PAW Patrol The Wiggles Little Einsteins (cannot believe i just listened to that music back in Donnell Middle School in December 2018 and those 2 girls are dancing to it and It's so annoying) Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood

Episodes of Ooh and Aah (with Credits) Friendship Day Ooh's Birthday Pretend Fleas Monkey Dance Hide and Seek Monkey in the Middle Twinkle Twinkle Loud & Quiet Banana Power Monkercise I Spy Bananas Monkey See, Monkey Do Penguins & Elephants

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