• AshKetchumIntialDHero as Ralph
  • Tiffy33 as Felix
  • NaturalFreshOtter00 as Sergeant
  • Caitlin Reece Alex Francisco as Vanellope
  • Grimka Butterfly as Taffyta
  • KiraKiraPopPrincess26Alt as Candlehead
  • LegalizeAnythingMuppets as as Rancis
  • Xaviere.smith as Gloyd
  • RetroGameFan9000 as Swizzle
  • Dynasti the Radicles Fangirl as Crumbelina
  • Inanimateinsanity4ever as Jubileena
  • Akari and Arizona as Adorabeezle
  • MyLittlePonyLover90 as Snowanna
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