• Sawtooth as Postman Pat
  • Lazy Luke as Ted Glenn
  • Peter Perfect as Sam Waldron
  • Blubber Bear as Reverend Timms
  • Rufus Ruffcut as Alf Thompson
  • Red Max as Peter Fogg
  • Private Meekley as George Lancaster
  • Penelope Pitstop as Sara
  • The Female Alligator as Dorothy Thompson
  • Hilda (from Dastardly and Muttley) as Mrs. Pottage
  • Rock Gravel 1 as Tom Pottage
  • Rock Gravel 2 as Katie Pottage
  • Muttley's Girlfriend as Miss Hubbard
  • Piper Perfect as Mrs. Goggins
  • Breena Bubbles as Doctor Gilbertson
  • The Announcer as Mr. Pringle
  • Kurby as Charlie Pringle
  • Professor Pat Pending as Major Forbes
  • The Hooded Claw as The Beast of Greendale
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