What did Olivia want to do for *Show-and-tell?

a Dance a *ballet b.Show-and-tell

who said I'm not a ballet kind of guy?

a. Olivia b *Julian

Who said i want to dance with a partner?

a. Olivia b. *Ian

what did the class learn first?

a.*First position b. *Pile

who did Olivia dreamed of dancing with?

a.*Grand b. handsome partner

What sport did Uncle Garrett play?

a. football b. baseball

Who needed a new ballet partner?

a. *Olivia b. *Uncle Garrett

when did Olivia go the the ballet with her *mother?

a,Evening b. enjoyed

How many ballet classes did Julian agreed to join?

a.One b. two

What did Olivia know tons about?

a.ballet b. brava

who lifted Olivia high into the air?

A. Uncle Garrett b. Olivia

Who was dreaming of her next performance?

a. Olivia b. Olivia's mother

who dreamed of being a prima ballerina?

a. Olivia b. Ian

In Olivia's dream where did she dance a ballet?

a. on a grand stage b. Uncle Garrett C. Dance a ballet d. prima ballerina

Who refused to join Olivia's ballet class?

a. Ian b. Olivia c. Uncle Garrett b. Julian

who did Olivia had to practice with?

a. Julian b. Olivia c. Ian d. Mother e. Practice

what lessons did Olivia asks to take?

a. Ballet b. *Enjoyed c. lessons d. ballerina

what did Olivia dreamed about being?

a. Prima Ballerina b. handsome partner

What did Olivia use to call Julian?

a a phone b. Olivia c. Julian

what sport did Olivia said Ballet was like

a. football b. phone

who asks Olivia if she Enjoyed the ballet

a. Olivia's mother b. Uncle Garrett

who said but they all want me to be their partner?

a. Julian b. Olivia c. Ian d. Uncle Garrett e. Olivia's mother

who often to teach Uncle Garrett about ballet?

A. Olivia b. Ian

who did Olivia tossed a football to?

a. Uncle Garrett b. on a grand stage c. Olivia's Mother d. dance a ballet e. *Prima ballerina f. handsome partner

what classroom activity did Olivia do ballet for?

a. show-and-tell b. refursed

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