• Walden as Adult Simba
  • Wubbzy as Young Simba
  • Daisy as Young Nala
  • Widget as Adult Nala
  • Felipe, Turner, Pat, Dusty, Squeeze, Stretch and Rusty (from Handy Manny) as Timon and Pumbaa
  • Bear (from Bear in the Big Blue House) as Mufasa
  • Frankie Foster (from Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends) as Sarabi
  • Buggy as Zazu
  • Earl as Rafiki
  • Doc Hopper (from The Muppet Movie) as Scar
  • Vendetta (from Making Fiends) as Shenzi
  • Strong Bad (from Homestar Runner) as Banzai
  • Swiper (from Dora the Explorer) as Ed
  • Molly Coddle (from Bump in the Night) as Sarafina
  • Baby Einstein Characters as The Vultures/Buzzards
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