Cast 1 Edit

  • Toodee as Blossom (Both Amazing)
  • Foofa as Bubbles (Both Cute)
  • Roll (From Megaman) as Buttercup
  • DJ Lance as Professor Utonium
  • Plex as Brick
  • Brobee as Boomer
  • Muno as Butch
  • Raichu (From Pokemon) as Talking Dog
  • Daisy (From Mario) as Miss Keane
  • Flora (From Winx Club Believix) as Sara Bellum
  • Peso (From Octonauts) as The Mayor
  • Mr. Krupp (From Captain Underpants) as Mojo Jojo
  • Rouge (From Sonic) as Sedusa
  • Ivan The Terrible (From Moscow, Russia) as Fuzzy Lumpkins
  • Catwoman (From Batman) as Him
  • Sweetie Belle (From My Little Pony) as Princess Morbucks
  • Three (From Numberjacks) as Robin
  • Theodore (From ALVINNN!!! And The Chipmunks) as Bullet
  • Pink Inkling (From Splatoon 2) as Bliss "Blisstina"
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