Cast[edit] Edit

  • Foofa as Cream
  • Plex as Sonic
  • Brobee as Tails
  • Toodee as Amy Rose
  • Muno as Knuckles (Both Red)
  • Nana (From Ice Climbers) as Rouge
  • Leni Loud (From The Loud House) as Cosmo
  • Hatsune Miku (From Vocaloid) as Blaze
  • Sunset Shimmer (From Equestria Girls: Rainbow Rocks) as Shade
  • Suga (From BTS) as Shadow
  • Harold (From Captain Underpants The Movie) as Silver
  • Squirtle (From Pokemon) as Charmy (Both Cute)
  • Kyan (From Go! Jetters) as Espio
  • Homer Simpson (From The Simpsons) as Vector
  • Chibo as Sally Acorn
  • Incineroar (From Pokemon XYZ: Sun + Moon) as Big
  • Mei Mei (From Ni Hao, Kai Lan) as Sticks
  • Sarah Silverman as Vanilla
  • Butch (From Powerpuff Girls) as Jet (Both Green)
  • Joker (From Batman) as Dr. Eggman (Too Close)
  • Mii Swordfighter (From Super Smash Bros. Ultimate) as Metal Sonic

Version 2[edit] (Nintendo) Edit

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