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Today, we are going to revisit the category of Sesame Street Games on our website, which we have created and started yesterday, so today we want to continue to bring you really awesome games to play in it, since we know that the reason you visit our website is to find the best games around to play. Zoe's Dance Moves is the first name we are bringing in this category today, and it is a game you will definitely love to play, especially after you learn what you have to do in it, from these next lines in the description. Well, you begin by choosing if you want to make up a dance together with Zoe, by clicking on the first heart, or if you want to dress her up for dancing, by clicking on the second heart. We are going to tell you more about the first part, because dressing up is easy. On the top you have six dance styles, which you use to fill up the counter, putting the dance moves in the order that you want to, and when you are done, you will see Zoe dancing just like you ordered the moves. We think it is really easy and really fun at the same time, so start this game right now, and let the fun begin, only on our website!

Play Together

Make up a dance together just like Zoe! Create three different moves such as jump, twirl, and shake, and do them one by one. After you do your dance, ask your child if he/she can remember the moves.

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