• Ellyvan: All Right Toadhog if you have to go back to work tomorrow you'll need a doctor crab and he is a little unusual before I get home so I can go to the gym today and he was wearing sandles.
  • Toadhog:( yelping) 
  • Ellyvan:Dr. Zoidberg this is the vehicle in the jungle and his name is Toadhog he is having a Physical. 
  • Zoidberg:( in Spanish) Excellente! ( Slurp)
  • Ellyvan: I hope so too long and you have to be fine. Don't you worry Toadhog. I'm going back home in 23 minutes. Good luck on the test today all right? 
  • Toadhog:All Right. Bye bye phew that was a close one
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