Your very own zoovenir shop.Here you can purchase various upgrades and mini games.All things cost alex coins you collected through each level.

There are three sections:

A.Buy Items B.Item Options C.Leave Shop

A.Buy Items

This section is divided into further sub sections.

I.Apparel II.Extras III.Minigames


Upgrades available here only enhance the appearence and DONT affect the game- play in any way.

1.Alex's Crown

Cost: 20 Points

A nice little enhancement.

2.Alex's Finger

Cost: 30 Points

Nice,but not great.

3.Gloria's Bikini

Cost: 20 Points

Yuck,i DID NOT like it

4.Gloria's Flowers

Cost: 30 Points

I didn't like this one either.

5.Marty's Hat

Cost: 20 Points

Nice.I liked it.

6.Marty's Glasses

Cost: 30 Points

I also liked this one.

7.Melman's Clock

Cost: 20 Points

So-so,did not quite like it.

8.Melman's Shoes

Cost: 30 Points

Meh...your points,your choice.


1.Coin Magnet

Cost: 175 Points

This upgrade is a disappointment.All it does is make the coins close to you come to you.You don't have to go for them.I wouldn't recommend this upgrade. Only buy it if you are going for 100 coins in every level as it might be of any use then.

2.2x Life Tikis

Cost: 80 Points

You must have noticed the small health icons throughout the game.They are the game's health restoration system or health tikis.Collecting each health tiki restores your health (if lost) and if you are on full health,these health tiki's will keep on adding until they are ten.This will give you an extra life.After that their numbering restarts.This upgrades lets you have two for one health tiki's.Meaning if you collect one health tiki,you will get two.This is a very useful upgrade.Definately buy it.

3.Flame Prints

Cost: 50 Points

This upgrade only enhances the appearence.You leave a flaming trail while you move.Useless but looks cool.Buy it if you have the spare points.

4.Extra Health

Cost: 30-90 points

Buying this will give you an extra life.Life are the number of retries you can take before you are kicked out of the level.Since this game is very easy,i will not recommend you to buy more then 2 extra health.Plus the price of each extra health increases with each purchase.


Minigames to add replay value.Some are actually fun :-)

1.Tiki Minigolf

Cost: 35 Points

This is a fun mini-game.Different from normal golf though (Duh!)

Secondry Upgrades:

Upgrade it even further.

A.Golf: 3 Players

Play with your friends.

B.Golf: 4 Players

Play with even more friends.

C.Golf: 5 Players

Play with EVEN MORE MORE friends.

D.Golf: 6 Players

Have a party at Madagascar.

2.Lemur Rave

Cost: 35 Points

This is the most fun of all mini-games.Definately buy it.

Secondry Upgrades:

After buying this upgrade,you upgrade it even further.

A.Rave Song 1

Cost: 20 Points

A new Song.

B.Rave Song 2

Cost: 20 Points

Another new song.

C.Rave Song 3

Cost: 20 Points

Yet another new song.

D.Rave: 2 Player

A two player mode


Cost: 35 Points

I found this to be a little boring.

Secondry Upgrades:

After buying this,you can upgrade it even further.

A.Shuffle: Wilbur

Cost: 10 Points

Play as wilbur.

B.Shuffle: Crocky

Cost: 10 Points

Play as Crocky.

C.Shuffle: Louis

Play as louis

D.Shuffle: Foosa

Play as foosa.

E.Jungle Board

Cost: 20 Points

A new board?

F.Ice Board

Another new board?

B.Item options

This section has absolutely no use at all.

C.Leave Shop

You leave the zoovenir shop.(Duh!)


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